Our mail is blocked by Microsoft and UCEProtect

(Update: we’re no longer blocked by Microsoft.  Linode got us unblocked.  As for UCEProtect, fuck ’em and feed ’em fishheads.)

Correspondence through text mail with a local harriette who was trying to reset her password indicates that if your email address is hosted by Microsoft (meaning your email address probably ends in outlook.com, hotmail.com, or maybe some other domains), you will be unable to receive trail notifications and other email from this website.  I have a support ticket in with Linode to see what they might be able to do, but if you have a Hotmail or Outlook.com email address, perhaps you could persuade Bill’s minions to unblock alfter.us (the underlying domain that sends mail on the website’s behalf).

Also, there is an extortion gang passing itself off as an RBL list, called UCEProtect and based out of Switzerland.  They’ve put every host on Linode on their “level 3” list, regardless of whether those hosts were spamming or not.  Linode customers tend to be rather more clueful than most about running servers, as it’s largely a self-service platform that gives you a root prompt at an IP address and lets you make of that whatever you need of it.  The likelihood of spam, inadvertent or not, coming from these servers is lower than most.  On the off-chance that mail from here isn’t getting through to you and you’re not using one of Microsoft’s services, verify that your mail service isn’t using UCEProtect.  I characterized them as an “extortion gang” because the only way for an individual server to get delisted is to pay them to do so.  No legitimate RBL provider does that.