Hashing in Las Vegas – The Fossil Record

The illusory Nellis Hash House Harriers was founded sometime in 1988 by persons engaged in a then-classified project (Area 51???), and even though it’s been reported that they never ran a run, the members did manage to consume enormous quantities of beer. The original Las Vegas Hash House Harriers (before viva Las Vegas!) was founded on December 1, 1990, by Steve “Dinglebuckberry” Curtis, and then reformed on April 6, 1991. Both of those early hash houses died from lack of interest, or maybe it was the heat, stupid.

imageOn September 11, 1993, the Las Vegas Resur-Erection Hash House Harriers grew from the ashes of the two defunct kennels. Founded by Miss My Monkey (AKA Pecker Checker!).

Hashing under a full moon was a good part of hashing in Las Vegas, and the Sin City Full Moon Hash House Harriers ran it’s first official run on March 23, 1997. Conceived by Soap Scum and founded by Koresh.

image (4)The Viva La$ Vega$ Hash House Harriers started on June 1, 1998, and expanded hashing into the Las Vegas workweek…Founded by Shit For Brains, Lootenant, Dabadoo, and Hostitute.

RatPackOn Jan. 01, 2000, the Rat Pack Hash House Harriers became “The Oldest Hash in the New Millenium.” Founded by Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Shit, Golden Eagle, Have Shit/Will Travel and WD-40, this new hash brought many new traditions to Las Vegas.

And then there were four! Honor to Hashing in Las Vegas!

lvhhhAt the time, four hashes were too much to handle and, in  2002, there was the “Great Convergence,” and the four hash houses came together and reformed as the Las Vegas Hash House Harriers (viva Las Vegas!). Highly scientific research showed that between the Las Vegas Resur-ErectionSin City Full MoonViva Las Vegas, and Rat Pack hashes, there had been 651 runs. On Apr. 2, 2002, the Las Vegas Hash House Harriers (viva Las Vegas!) ran their first run, Run #652. The Las Vegas Hash House Harriers (viva Las Vegas!) carry on many of the traditions of past Las Vegas hashes while looking to the future for more fun and exciting drinking opportunities in the desert and beyond. Cum join us sometime!

image (5)Since the “Great Convergence” of 2002, the Hashing community in Las Vegas has grown. In 2009 Adios Motherfucker and Updrunk’d the Junkie resurrerected the Sin City Full Moon HHH as the Sin City Hash House Harriers, an every other Tuesday hash that loves shiggy trails and great religion. Sin City’s first run took place on Dec. 1, 2009, 19 years, to the day, after the very first original Las Vegas Hash House Harriers (before the viva Las Vegas!)



Las Vegas Hash House Harriers GM & RA Sucksession

Name Position When
Have Shit/Will Travel GM 2014-
Shitty Kiddy Porn Porn RA 2014-
Pee In Her Butt GM 2013-2014
Alcoholiday RA 2013-2014
Hold My Balls Por Favor GM 2012-2013
High Twattage GM 2011-2012
Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Shit GM 2010-2011
Special Ed RA 2010-2011
Adios Motherfucker GM 2009-2010
Picture Me Naked RA 2009
Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Shit RA 2009
Premature E-Whackulation GM 2008
Party In My Box RA 2008
Golden Eagle GM 2006-2007
Crappachino/Alcoholiday RA 2006-2007
GI Ho/Have Shit-Will Travel GM/RA 2005
Mudrock GM/RA 2005
Big Boobs GM 2003-2004
Mudrock RA 2003-2004
Hunka Hunka Burnin Shit GM/RA 1998-2003

Sin City HHH Tyrant Sucksession

Name When
Shitty Kiddy Porn Porn 2014-
Doublemint Cum (Tyrantess) 2012-2014
Adios Motherfucker 2009-2012
Updrunk’d The Junkie 2009-2011
Koresh 1997-2002
Soap Scum 1997-?