Hash Marks

Don’t deviate from these marks!  Strange marks or marks used incorrectly will keep the pack from finding the beer.  This is a Bad Thing, and you will be punished in circle for it!


onon Three or more of these and you’re on track. Signal the pack by yelling “on-on” and/or two quick blows of your whistle. On-Ons should be within visible distance of each other.


check Used by the hares to change direction on trail, or to slow those FRBs in order to keep the pack together. Trail could go in any direction, 369° or more! Tell the pack by yelling “check” and/or one long blow of your whistle. Every side of the check can be marked. However, the correct trail will have three on-ons, incorrect trails will have less than three on-ons, a false trail mark, or a back check.

False Trail! (YBF!)

ybf Trail is not this way. Turn around and follow on-ons to the last check, then search a different direction.

Back Check (Check Back)

checkback Start going back the way you came, counting the number of on-ons. Any number can be used. In this example, count back seven on-ons. The seventh on-on is now the same as a check, trail could go in any direction 369° or more!

Hare Arrow, True Trail!

harearrow An arrow only used by the hares, this signifies that you are indeed on true trail. Good job, well done, on-on! Brag to the pack by yelling “true trail” or “hare arrow!” The hare arrow always points in the direction of trail, starting at chalk talk.

Beer Check!

beercheck One of our favorite trail marks! You have found beer! Look nearby for where the hares have stashed the golden nectar. Drink it down, down, down, down. Trail could go in any direction, 369° or more, after the beer check.

Which Way?

whichway Which way does trail go? Trail will only be marked on one side. The side pointing away from trail will have no marks. Look hard to find the one on-on, and you’ve found trail.


onacross Used to tell the pack they must cross an obstacle where the hares cannot mark until the other side has been reached. This mark may be used for roads and water crossings. Get to the other side and look for trail. The next mark should be visible immediately upon reaching the other side.

Turkey – Eagle Split

tougheasy Not to be confused with tough and easy, a turkey – eagle split gives those turkey types an escape route. Eagles will be presented a more challenging route, while turkeys will take the easy way out. Many feel that in fairness, the eagles should still have a chance to be the turkeys on-in.

If there is a part of your trail that not everyone could do, you need a T-E split.

Beer Near!

beernear You’ve found one of the last marks for the day, beer is near, and so is the end of trail. Hares use this mark to give the pack hope that their s-h-i-t-t-y trail is almost over. Keep going to the on-in for golden nectar, snacks, and circle!