How To Post Your Trail’s Info

Set the Hash Hotline

  • Set the hash hotline the day prior to your trail.
  • After dialing the hotline (702) 390-HASH
  • press *HARE (*4273), do not pause between * and numbers
  • press 3 for the Main Menu
  • press 1 for the Greetings Menu
  • press 1 for Personal Greeting

Email the Cops

Email the cops by the Friday prior to your trail. It always works out better for us if The Man shows up and already knows about us and our use of flour. Use this format:

Subject: Las Vegas Running Group – Flour Marks <insert date>


I wish to inform you that our running club will be running this <insert date>. We do drop flour to mark our trail. Our location will be around the <north, south, east, west> of <insert area> (i.e. North of Blue Diamond, South of Warm Springs, East of California, West of Ft Apache). Here is a map link <insert link to start location>.

Any reports of “mysterious white powder” will most likely be our marks of biodegradable household flour. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

<your first name, the one your momma gave you>


Update the Calendar

Send the hare raiser your trail info so it can be added to the calendar. Use this format for trail info:

Your hares will be <insert hash name(s)>.

Time: 3pm Show, 3:30 go! (winter) 5:00 show, 5:30 go! (summer)

Bring: hash cash, whistle, flashlight, vessel, water, & a thirst for the golden nectar.

Do Not Bring: (i.e. dogs, glass bottles, etc.)


<insert hash name(s)>

(702) 390-HASH