Onniversary 2019

Welcome to the LVHHH (vlv!) On-Oniversary event page.

The bus will depart McMullan’s Pub (4650 W. Tropicana) for our top secret destination at 9:30 am. (4/20) and returns Easter Sunday at 6:00pm. (4/21)

$99 (+$3 entertainment tax) includes: Bus, 2 Trails, Beer, Food, & Lodging. More details to follow.

There will be a Pub-Free Pub Crawl. Team up and sponsor a “Pub” stop. Provide cocktails for 45 thirsty Hashers.

This an adults only and locals only event.

Bring all the shit you need for an overnight trip.  If you have a hare hat, bring it.  If you have to ask, you don’t know!

Questions? Contact Golden Eagle.

Sign up below…only three regos left!

Who’s Cumming

If you just rego'd and your name isn't yet showing up, be patient. SKP2 checks for new registrations periodically and approves the ones that show up as paid. Send mail if you have a question about your registration.

45 half-minds:

Hash Name
Shitty Kiddy Porn Porn
HaveShit? WillTravel
Gives Good Head
Tunnel Of Luv
Party On Prick
Asshole Todd
Title 18 Section 2423
Golden Eagle
Hunka Hunka Burnin' Shit
Matthew McKindagay
Reach Around
Red White and Goo
Money Shot
Glad He Ate Her
ShortBus Pile Drive Her
Asshole Kit
Blew Hole
Snatch Chat
Damn It & Damn It
Three Balls Deep
Remember the Alamo
Fond of Dudes
Twitch Hitter, She Quit Her
Hokey Tokey
Picture Me Naked
Against The Grain
Asshole Hollie
Pee in her butt
Shuttle Coque
Room for Jesus
Nanny Pokely
Don’t Asalt Me (Salty)
Yeast Infection In My Mouth
Just Jason
Broke Dick Mounting
Hot Pocket
Nair Bare
Hash Name