2021 On-Oniversary (It’s On-On!)

When: Saturday April 3rd – Sunday, April 4th.
Check-In is at 2:00pm. (I’m working on getting it earlier, Stay tuned!)

Where: Night Jar Oasis, California (visit hipcamp.com for more info.)
The drive is 2.5 hrs. from Vegas, maybe 15 or so miles west of Barstow (as the crow flies):


This is an adults only and locals only event.

Pay: $55 when you register (you’ll be redirected to PayPal).

What do you get for $55: You get Beer, Meals (Saturday lunch & dinner, Sunday breakfast & lunch), a giveaway, your camping spot, two trails and more beer!

How am I getting there: No bus this year due to you-know-what. You are driving yourself and/or other hashers that you feel safe being in a carpool. Please carpool if you can.

Bring: A camp chair, firewood, a tent, water for trail, your hash gear, a headlamp, sunblock, a thirst for the golden nectar… and team up to coordinate a shot check for the Pub-Free Pub Crawl Saturday night. You choose the theme. If you have a hare hat, bring it. If you have a hash award from 2019, please bring it.  If you have to ask, you don’t know!

Questions: “What if I don’t eat meat?” “What if I want to camp the night before?” “Will there be slut water on trail?” Contact Golden Eagle.

Sign up below…there are only 40 spots available, but always only three regos left!

Who’s Cumming

If you just rego'd and your name isn't yet showing up, be patient. SKP2 checks for new registrations periodically and approves the ones that show up as paid. Send mail if you have a question about your registration.

27 half-minds:

Hash Name
Shitty Kiddy Porn Porn
Party on Prick
Just Angela
Cum Into The Danger Zone
Grandma's lil Fluffer
Just Michelle
Golden Eagle
Hunka Hunka Burnin' Shit
Wet Spock
Tunnel of Luv
Have Shit Will Travel
Tough MILF Her
Eager Beaver
Pretty Fiddy Fifty
Reach Around
Money Shot
Title 18 Section 2423
ShortBus Pile Drive Her
Me Gusta en la Cocina
Just Jeff
Just Rosa
8 Seconds, Not Inches
Hash Name

Regos are closed.