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Bug squashed in the mailer

When the new website went live, I forgot to update the mailer script with the updated iCal URL it needs to read events…oops.  There was also some character-set confusion going on.  That’s why the reminder for tomorrow’s trail didn’t make it out until about 8:30 (it’s scheduled for 3 AM).

On the other hand, there are 15 new subscribers since I last checked, so that part of the system is working OK. 🙂

Anti-image-hotlinking protection is in place

Lazy douchebags link directly to other webservers’ images, leeching their bandwidth instead of serving up their own copy of the image.  We now have protection against this at the server level.  Hotlinking douchebags will get this image plastered all over their pages, instead of what they were hoping to rip off:



If I really wanted to be obnoxious, I could use Mr. instead of Captain Picard, but that’d be overkill. (Don’t know about You could google it, but fair warning: what has been seen cannot be unseen.)


The new website is up and running

As of a couple of minutes ago, has cut over from the old website to the new. Instead of a custom webapp, we’re now running WordPress with a few plugins for things like the calendar (plus a little bit of custom code for email notifications). In addition to the info we’ve always had up on the website, there’s now a forum for chatting back and forth.

The old website required logins for most things. The new one doesn’t, so the accounts on the old website haven’t been carried through to the new. If you choose to create an account on the new site, logging in will bypass the math captchas on comments and forum posts.

If you want to continue to receive email notifications of upcoming hashes, send email to

Hares will need to email trail info to the hare raiser no later than three days before trail so that the calendar can be updated…it’s not quite as self-service as before.

Questions? Concerns? Email someone who cares. 🙂