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LVHHH #1505 – Burning Hare Campout

4 May 2019 - 5 May 2019

Due to the extra hash logistics involved, we are asking that you register in advance:

RegistrationWho’s Cumming

Hash cash for this weekend will be $36, which covers beer, snacks at circle, dinner on SaTURDay, and breakfast on Sunday. You pay now!

Shit, it’s getting closer, better post some details… “How’s the build coming along POP?” Uhm…it’s coming! I’m coming!

“So what is this exactly?” It’s a camping trip. It’s a hash. It’s a burner event. It’s all three! “Wow.”

“So, uh, like, what are we going to do?” We are going to camp. We are going to hash. We are going to burn shit.

“Is this going to be expensive?” I guess that’s a subjective question, but generally, no. As of now the rego fee is $35. Regos will be open soon.

What should I bring?” Glad you asked! it will be hot during the day and cool at night so plan accordingly. You’ll also want something to sleep on/in (tent/vehicle) and maybe a chair, maybe bring some water and car snacks while you’re at it. Beer will be provided, gonna get a keg of something fancy and something cheap and of course there will be canned trail and circle beer. Never hurts to bring reserve alcohol though…RESERVE ALCOHOL. BRING A VESSEL! LAST THING WE NEED IS RED SOLO CUPS BLOWING ACROSS THE LANDSCAPE. “But I’m going to get hungry POP!” I know. You just sat in a car for two hours and you ran trail. Don’t worry. Circle snax and dinner will be provided. So will breakfast on Sunday morning. “But POP, I’m Vagetarian!” Don’t worry my friend, I’ve got you covered! “Booze and food…cool…outfits…costumes…?” There is no theme but PLEASE do not use that as an excuse to not wear something fun! Skin to win!

“Camping, huh? Where am I supposed to take a shit? Is this at a campground? Where’s the shower?” Whoa! Slow your roll there Captain Glamper! There is no camp site. There is no running water. There is no water. There is no shitter. There is no picnic table. “Are you fucking kidding me?!” No. But if that’s what you’re thinking at this point you might consider sitting this one out. Seriously though, we are not at a campsite. We are going to be in BFE. If you enjoy the finer things in life Puh-Leaze do not join us! Back to the first question though, I have purchased a small pop-up tent thingy and a toilet seat thingy and I will erect a makeshift poop tent. So if you really have to take a dump or do girl stuff there will be a private place for that.

“Uh, okay, can I drive my Triumph up there?” You can do whatever you want! The current plan is to meat (meat!) at the Love’s truck stop at I-15 and US93 (north of Vegas) at 11:30am on Saturday May 4th. The group will leave at Noon, sharp! “A half hour window? I don’t think I can make that.” Okay? “How far from there?” The drive from the truck stop to the site is a little under two hours, can’t remember for sure. “Will my Camaro make it up there?” We’ve had one Camaro up there in the past and a Corolla! The dirt road is in good shape. “So Everyone should take their own vehicle, yeah?” Uhm, no. You should carpool. I already know how cheap you are! Why not save a few bucks?! “But I don’t know anyone!” Jesus! It’s not that hard, I’ll even create a carpool thread! Really though, we don’t need 50 fucking vehicles, do your best to consolidate! “Really though, I won’t be on time, can I get directions??” No. Fuck off. Be there or be square.

“This sounds like a lot of work.” Uhm, yeah, I don’t really know how to respond to that.

“Will it be fun?” This will be the 6th time that I’ve done a similar event out here. It’s been fun in the past.

“Oh, gosh POP, I’m so busy these days.” I know. Life is a struggle. Fortunately you’ll be gone for less than 24 hours and all that other stuff you have to do will still be there when you get back! Probably gonna cap it around 50 regos though so be quick!

“What else do I need to know?” Again, glad you asked!
I LOVE the place that I’m taking you to! Please don’t fuck it up!
—-There are petroglyphs in the area, although probably not on trail. Please do not touch the petroglyphs https://www.nps.gov/petr/learn/historyculture/takecare.htm
—-Do not litter. Hashers, not trashers. Please pick up any MOOP (matter out of place).
—-Do NOT geotag or otherwise describe the location of this place. Social media pics and videos are fine but do NOT post where we are at. Social media has had such a horrible impact on the outdoors. I have invited you here because I trust you to keep this place a secret. Try me. Post the location and there will be a confrontation. “Jesus POP! WTF is your problem?!” I love the outdoors and l love people that love the outdoors. Some people do not respect what nature has to offer and I would not like those people to visit this place. “Yeah, but I love social media!” You should go to Gold Strike Hot Springs then. Plenty of garbage, used underwear, and selfie sticks there! You’ll feel right at home! “Got it, so we’re cool, right?” Right!
—-No driving at night, too many drunk hashers about. Nobody deserves to be run over.
—-“I’m generally cranky/bossy/bitchy/uninformed/ignorant/stupid and like to tell others what to do instead of modifying my own behaviors and responses to a situation. Is that cool?” No. Take two steps back, shut the fuck up, and everything will be fine! “But But But…” No.
—-“Wow, POP! Sounds like you have a lot invested into this. Anything I can do to help you?” Nostradamus up in this bitch! A few ideas:
–Bring a positive attitude!
–I hate garbage, just a personal vendetta! Please don’t bring a bunch of crap and expect me to haul it away for you! I’ll provide a bin for recyclables and a bin for burnables. Pack YOUR OWN trash out!
–“Do you have enough wood?” Thanks for honing in on one of my favorite words. I should, but wood is like alcohol, can you ever have enough? If you have any scrap wood at your house, photo albums of your ex, old tax documents, etc, bring it and we will burn it!
Water and booze. Like I said, I’ll try to provide all the beer but who knows how long that will hold out. I will also have some water on hand but please bring what you think you will need for your personal use.
–“You really sound cynical POP. You sure you’ re okay? Anything I can really do to help you?”
I’m fine! Really! The only way I can put this event on is by the fact that my work schedule is very flexible. I have a ton of time, effort, and personal expense into this. You are my friends and all I really want is to have a fun time. A really fun time! If you have jack shit to do, contact me and I’ll come up with a task for you!
–Bring a table. We can never have enough tables! 🙂


Who’s Cumming


4 May 2019
5 May 2019
Event Categories:


Party on Prick
Triple F


BFE #1504
12501 Apex Great Basin Way
North Las Vegas, NV United States
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