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    So another birthday trail has cum and gone. I was a little bit disappointed that pack missed the checkback-49…apparently the horses kicked up trail a bit too much.

    The checkback also had a “prize” (also known as a grenade) for the FRB. This afternoon, I decided to see if it was still there. I hopped on the “Vegan Motorcycle” (the name Short Bus gave my e-bike) and head (wsh?) over the hill and out to the checkback. After one false turn, I found it, and all was as I had left it on Saturday:

    Rather than just turn around and return the way I came, I took Rainbow Gardens Road all the way through to just north of Wetlands Park. Some pix from along the way:

    This area might be a decent choice for a Berserk Burke. There are several roads running through the area, the scenery’s nice, and a single north-to-south-to-north run would most likely get the miles you need (from the checkback to Wetlands Park was somewhere around 7 miles).

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